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Replacing old 2-wire spring damper with a high quality ecojay damper

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UPDATE: March 2017 - NEW Dampers available now.  TAKE-OFF ROUND, INSERT ROUND & RECTANGLE Dampers all available now ... scroll down to see all damper models. OR click here.

Some older zone control panels have only two connectors for damper wiring (common & power-close).  These were designed when predominately 2-wire (spring open) dampers were used for zoning.  In recent years, 3-wire (power-open, power-close) dampers have become more common because of their low power consumption and higher reliability.  You might think you have to upgrade your zoning panel to accommodate for these preferable 3-wire dampers... not with Ecojay dampers and belimo actuators.  The wiring diagram below shows how to connect the Ecojay Power Damper to an older zone panel that is only designed to work with 2-wire dampers.

If you are planing to replace the zone controller with SmartZone, this diagram is NOT necessary.

If you have any questions, call or email us.

Replace a Honeywell 4 Zone with SmartZone-4X

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UPGRADE your system with an easier & better zoning control.  The SmartZone-4X is a drop in replacement for many zone control systems.  This is a quick diagram showing where to plug in the wires after disconnecting them from your old HONEYWELL system.

Honeywell HZ432, HZ-432, HZ322, HZ-322, HZ311, HZ-311, HZ221, HZ-221 can all be replaced by the SmartZone-4X in most cases.  For more information go to http://www.smartzoning.com