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SmartZone allows a heating & cooling system to connect to serveral thermostats placed throughout the home.   This enables the homeowner more control over the termperature & comfort of the whole house.  SmartZone also makes it possible to reduce wasted energy used heating or cooling rooms that are not used.  Click the button below to learn more about how zone control works.

ZoningSupply.com is your source for HVAC zone dampers, forced-air zone controls & HVAC zoning control system accessories.  Ecojay SmartZone is the best replacement for an older zoning controller OR upgrading to zoning for the first time.  SmartZone can be used with virtually all standard equipment brands and it can replace most all of the major zoning brands (Honeywell, EWC, Zonefirst, Durozone, Robert Shaw, Zonex, Truezone, Ultrazone & many more).  Simple installation and superior reliability make SmartZone the best zoning system for any job up to 20 Zones.  See details & specs here.

SmartZone is the best HVAC zone control

  • Easy install & simple setup

  • Best features & reliability

  • Expert support (phone & online)

  • Free & fast shipping

  • 5 year waranty



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2, 3, or 4 Zone KITS
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PRO-Grade Power Zone Damper (Round)
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TAKE-OFF Zone Damper (Round)
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Flange & adhesive gasket make install easier than any other damper, Industry-leading quality & highest reliability, Belimo Motor, Full-seal gasket blade, Super-Heavy Duty, Ribs for easy flex duct attachment, One crimped end for easy solid duct attachment,  5 Year replacement warranty

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I couldn’t believe how easy it was to replace my old 2 zone panel, it literally took me 20 min. and a lot of that was spent looking at the AWESOME Install Guide.
— Joey [DIY Expert]
Perfect way to upgrade your existing system to a more effective zoned system... really the ONLY way to upgrade your central forced air system without replacing all of your equipment. Although there are alternative products SmartZone WINS, hands down. It’s easier to install and setup PLUS ZoningSupply has the best support in the industry.
— Phil [HVAC Contractor]
It’s kind of like ZONING for dummies! SmartZone makes it so easy with the LEDs that show what’s going on and the full-color install guide with lots of pictures. When i first ordered SmartZone-4X to replace my Honeywell HZ322 i was a little nervous, however, when I opened the box and looked at the instructions... I realized it was going to be simple enough that I could do it myself. Ended up only taking 30 min!
— Will [DIY Homeowner]
We were having a problem with the upstairs being hot (especially in the summer). I contacted ZoningSupply and the helped me get what I needed and even helped find a contractor to install it for me. The results were immediate: The upstairs used to be 78-80 when the downstairs thermostat was set to 72... now both the upstairs and downstairs are both 72 -73 deg when I want them to be. THANK YOU SmartZone!
— Julie [Homeowner]
SmartZone is the best Zone Control system available, it can be use on new install, retrofit, upgrades, or almost any type of system. It controls both gas/electric and heat pump systems... including dual fuel. HVAC equipment up to 3 stages heat (on heat pumps) and 2 stages cool can be controlled efficiently with the supply temperature sensor that is included with every SmartZone board.
— Jeff

Why one thermostat isn't enough... Most homes with central heat and air have only one thermostat.  This thermostat is typically located in a hallway or main room and is controlling the heating and cooling for the whole house based on the temperature at that spot.  With zone controls, a thermostat can be placed in each room or area of your home to direct airflow using dampers into the areas that need it and restricting airflow from areas that don't.   SmartZone can enable you to better control temperature and manage energy consumption throughout your home or building.
Some states even require zoning controls in certain new construction homes (especially multi-story homes).
Homes without SmartZone can have hot or cold areas and can often waste energy to heat or cool rooms that don't need it.  Take control of your climate with SmartZone.


Installation couldn't be easier than with SmartZone.  The designers at ecojay have thought of everything over the last 14 years of development to make SmartZone the easiest an most functional zone panel available.  Watch the 3 minute video below to see just how easy it is or click here for the full online installation guide.

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