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SmartZone is great for fireplace season... no more cold areas.

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Most people enjoy a good crackling fireplace when it's cold and snowy during the winter months even it isn't the primary source of heat for our homes these days... at least for most of us.  One problem that is common with homes that only have a single thermostat (no zoning), is that the rooms far away from the fireplace can end up colder than where that one thermostat is located.  The result is that you have a nice cozy warm area in your home around the fireplace but the back bedroom is cold.  The solution, SmartZone.  If there is a thermostat placed in the area that gets cooler and another one in the area that gets warmer, the dampers can direct more heat from the central furnace to the places that need it and away from the places that don't.  The prevents your heater from dumping more warm air in to the areas that don't need it and keeps the areas that do nice and toasty.  Plus, it does all this with less run-time so you are not wasting the fireplace heating savings.

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Fireplaces might not be efficient in some cases, but they are still nice to have at least once in a while.  With SmartZone, you can more comfortably enjoy your fireplace and improve it's efficiency.

We used to light a fire in the evening and by the time we went to bed the bedroom was freezing! We would have to turn the thermostat WAY up because it was in the same room as the fireplace. What a waste. Now, with SmartZone & nest thermostats we just set the bedroom temp to what we want it for bedtime and it is nice and cozy when we are ready.
— Cindy - Comfortable Homeowner