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Need more than 40VA to power LOTs of dampers on one SmartZone?

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Some systems with many small ducts leading to each zone can require lots of dampers.  The example below is a 2 zone system that requires 6 dampers per zone (12 total).  If you look at the zoning guide, you will find that you should budget for at least 55VA for this system... but you only have 40 VA transformers.  75 and 100 VA transformers can get VERY expensive!  Instead you can use two 40VA transformers, but not how you think.  It can be dangerous and unreliable to connect transformers in parallel to create ~80VA.  We recommend the method below that employs the use of a simple relay to separate half of the dampers to be powered from a second transformer and the other half being powered by the SmartZone and it's transformer.

See the SmartZone Install Guide to calculate required VA.

It is always necessary to verify that the PRIMARY side power is sufficient to power the transformer connected.  A dedicated PRIMARY circuit is best but not always possible.  If sharing the 110V or 220V circuit, make sure the total power required for all devices connected (including zoning transformers) doesn't exceed the capacity of the circuit (usually 15 or 20 AMPS).

Where to get a relay?
Any 24V relay with a DPST or DPDT configuration will work.  The one pictured in the above diagram is available at ZoningSupply.com (see below).   If you are chosing your own relay, the "Contact" current rating will determine how many dampers can be connected.  (For example: A 10 Amp relay can handle up to 10 power open, power closed dampers)

24V Relay - DPDT
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Power Open/Close Motor
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New & Improved Rectangle Dampers available at ZoningSupply.com

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Tired of flimsy residential-grade rectangular dampers that easily bend and bind and, worse yet, stop working prematurely.  We, at ZoningSupply, are too!  And, we have the answer with this commercial-grade, super-duty rectangular damper.  Like all of our power dampers, it includes the best motor in the industry (Belimo) and now is constructed with heavy guage aluminim for rigidity and long-life.


Rectangle Damper

Rectangular HVAC Dampers
from 175.00

8" X 8" thru 24" X 24"
New & Improved Heavy-Duty
Aluminum rectangular damper w/ Ecojay by Belimo motor
Built to stand up to use and abuse



(because they are made to order)
RETURNS for rectangular dampers require 35% restocking fee because they are custom made to order... make sure you order the correct size.

NOTE: Order "Height" for the side with the motor.

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No other rectangle zone damper on the market is as sturdy or reliable.  Simplicity of design and precision manufacturing in the USA (Ohio & Texas) make for the BEST rectangular damper that has ever been available to the residential zone control market.  Try it for yourself today.

Best damper motor (actuator) on the market... we tested them all.

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Well, maybe not technically ALL of them but dozens and even more than in this photo.

We narrowed down by specs that would work for us first.  Between 30 and 60 second travel time, 90 deg rotation, at least 1.5nM torque, lower than 3.5VA power consumption, 24Vac operation, clutch free movement, minimum open/close, range of 3/8" to 1/2" shaft and more.  Once we narrowed down to here we still had about 6 or 8 motors and we tested the top 5 for full 10 year accelerated life and field testing.  Some we even used in production for a while.  We are now confident when we proclaim that the Belimo motor that is made for ecojay and we sell with SmartZone wins in all categories... reliability, noise & installation/setup.

ecojay smartzone hvac zone damper actuator motor
PRO-Grade Power Zone Damper (Round)
from 99.00
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Power Open/Close Motor
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Zoning System Troubleshooting

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Because a zone control system interacts with so many different parts (thermostats, transformers, heating/cooling equipment, dampers & temperature sensor), a zoning system can be daunting to troubleshoot when there is a problem.  However, we have realized that there are really just a few common issues are the cause most all of the issues. With a combined 20+ years of zoning questions and technical support calls, we have tried here to boil down to the top 5 reason 99% of zoning systems have a problem.  These do not include a potential problem with the configuration of the Zone Control itself.  The troubleshooting of the zone control configuration is covered well in most Installation Guides.

1. Equipment
   Refrigerant charge, fan speed, wiring, power, etc.
   Always verify that the equipment is working properly first!
2. Thermostats
  a. Incompatible with zone panel
  b. Defective thermostat
  c. Wiring defect
3. Zone Dampers
  a. Actuator failure
  b. Mechanical failure
  c. DUCT Sizing (not enough or too much CFM)
  d. Wiring defect
4. Bypass/Relief
  a. Actuator failure
  b. Sensor (Static Pressure sensor defect)
  c. Mechanical failure
  d. Setup (Modulating calibration or weight arm setting)
  e. Orientation of installation (SPC or barometric bypass)
  f. Improper sizing (not enough CFM capacity)
  g. Wiring defect
5. Power
  a. Transformer fuse
  b. Wiring defect
  c. Primary circuit problem (shared/capacity, breaker)
  d. Improperly sized transformer (not enough VA)

For help troubleshooting your system contact the experts at zoningsupply.com directly via email or phone.


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The parts that make an HVAC Zoning System

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Elements of Zoning

A Zoning System consists of 4 primary pieces:

  1. Thermostats

  2. Zoning Control Panel

  3. Dampers

  4. Equipment

1. Thermostats

SmartZone Thermostat Zoning

Thermostats are used in just the same way that a typical thermostat is used except with a zoning system there is ONE thermostat located in each area or “zone.”  Instead of connecting these thermostats to the equipment like a typical application, with zoning all the thermostats are connected to the Zoning Panel.  Suggest purchasing on Amazon.com or from wherever 24VAC thermostats are sold.

2. Zoning Control Panel

199.00 299.00

The Zoning Panel is the “brains” of the operation.  This computer-like electronic board, reads the calls from all the thermostats and makes decisions about what to energize on the equipment (heat, cool or fan) AND which dampers to open or close.  Zoning Control Panels come in MANY shapes, sizes, and colors but with SmartZone you are just selecting the number of zones)

3. Dampers


Not only are the thermostats connected to the Zoning Panel but so are the dampers.  A damper is to airflow in the duct like a faucet is to water in a pipe.  In other words, the damper acts like a valve in the duct system to divert air to the zones where it is needed.

4. Equipment

Finally, the Equipment is also connected to the Zoning Panel.  The equipment refers to the heating and cooling (HVAC) unit.  This can come in many shapes, sizes, and configurations.  In order to apply zoning to any equipment, the correct zoning Panel mush be chosen.  Some Zone Panels are very specific and can only be used with certain types of equipment while some are much more versatile and can be used on almost ANY type of equipment used.

The above four parts make up the pieces of a Zoning System, but since in a standard system you already have two of these parts (THERMOSTAT and EQUIPMENT).  The addition of a zoning system really consists of adding only two different parts, a ZONING PANEL and DAMPERS.   This makes zoning one of the easiest and affordable ways to gain the much desired improvement of comfort and efficiency.  With these parts installed properly a user can enjoy the ability for both added comfort and increased energy savings.

2, 3, or 4 Zone KITS
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# of Zones:
Damper Sizes:
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BEST Spring Open Dampers Now Availble

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ZoningSupply is now offering the BEST quality Spring-Open damper available.  If you have had any experience with SPRING type dampers you already know that they have been known to have a lower reliability than SUPER-DUTY power dampers.  However, the Spring dampers that we are offering have been designed with precision and heavy-duty parts.... they are NOT the typical low-cost damper available from other companies.  If you are not sure that this is the best spring-damper you have every used, send it back and we will refund your purchase price.

  • CAPTURED SHAFT (Prevents blade "sticking")
  • 5 YEAR Replacement Guarantee

Honeywell ARD
ZoneFirst RDS
DuraZone NSPRD
Braeburn 129 ***
AprilAire AVD 66**
& MANY MORE... ANY 24VAC 2-Wire Damper can be replaced with the ECOJAY SmartZone DSUS.


Spring Zone Damper
from 99.00
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