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Why SmartZone is the best zone controller.

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  • Screwless wiring (push-in) – No screwdriver required
  • Color coded leds show inputs and outputs on every terminal – no voltmeter required
  • EASY pushbutton & dip switch setup makes configuration a snap and confirmation of settings in just a glance – NO manual needed
  • Temperature sensor included & supply temp displayed on the bright led display, visible even in the dark – NO flashlight needed
  • MODES SHOWN ON DISPLAY tell you what the board is doing at all times in plain english – NO guessing what codes mean
  • SmartZone can be used with any equipment – Heat Pump, Gas, Electric, radiant, geothermal, etc. as long as it is controlled by 24v.
  • Single-stage & Multi-Stage equipment can be used (3 heat & 2 cooling stages)
  • Heat pump equipment can be used with auxiliary & emergency heat – both electric and dual fuel -  flawlessly with SmartZone (requires heat pump thermostat connected to Zone 1)
  • SmartZone can be paired with any thermostat from the most expensive WiFi stat to the cheapest mechanical thermostat.
  • Any 24v damper (Spring or power) can be controlled by SmartZone
  • Smartzone has exclusive advanced features:
    •     - Economy Mode allows setback of all zones with the     flip of a switch.  When in eco mode, the system will only     energize if zone 1 makes a call.  This feature is great for vacations or if some of the zones are rarely used.
    •     - Fresh air control allows control of an outside air damper and the system fan on a schedule to bring in fresh air in a prescribed amount.  If fresh air control is required, smartzone-4x has it covered with no additional controls required.  Save $
    • - Smartlink: expand to 20 zones by simply connecting multiple 4X boards together with the smartlink bus. Easiest & most cost effective system for more than 5 zones!
  • Smart staging & limit protection – by using a sophisticated time and temperature algorithm perfected over decades of programming, smartzone stages up and down in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
  • 2nd stage lockout – by setting this dip switch, smartzone will only allow 2nd stage if more than one zone is calling
  • Stage from zone 1 thermostat – allows for a multi-stage thermostat to be connected to zone 1 and control zoning instead of SmartZone (not recommended in typical circumstances)