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Home comfort hack: Could ZONE CONTROL improve your home's indoor climate?

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Installing zone control in your home allows you to add thermostats to several areas (rooms) so temperature can be controlled throughout the house.  Most homes have only a single thermostat located in a "central" area.  This means the temperature of the whole house is determined at this one spot.  With zone control, temperature is measured and controlled in each zone for more comfort everywhere.

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There are many reasons that zone control might be desirable (or even necessary). 

  • Homes with two stories where the upstairs is regularly warmer than downstairs during the winter can benefit from zone control.  
  • If a house has a fireplace that causes some areas of the home to get too cold when a fire is burning, zone control can help balance the temperature and keep those cold areas warm. 
  • Bonus rooms or unused bedrooms can be turned off with zone control when not in use.
  • Computer rooms or grow areas that need to be a different (more consistent) temperature than the rest of the house.

Zone control can balance temperatures to  create a comfortable living space throughout your home or create different temperatures throughout a building for varying needs.

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