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Every HVAC contractor should have a SmartZone on the truck!

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A zone panel is often thought of as a job-specific purchase, however more than 90% of installed zone panels can be replaced by one or two boards.  The SmartZone-4X is the most universal board ever, compatible with more than 98% of 24V HVAC equipment.  Just about any time you come on a job for a service call and the problem is the zone panel, it means another trip... and sometimes two.  If you had SmartZone-4X in your parts inventory (it only takes up about the same space as two thermostats) you could swap out the current board for SmartZone.  If that fixes the problem you can be on your way, if it doesn't fix the problem... the SmartZone will make diagnosing the problem a cinch.  With LEDs showing thermostat calls, equipment calls and damper position you can see if there is a problem with anything connected to SmartZone without the need for a voltmeter.  PLUS the display shows supply temp and equipment modes to make it easier to diagnose equipment or airflow/ballance issues.  You can almost use the SmartZone as a diagnosis tool because swapping out the old board for SmartZone takes less time than checking with a voltmeter and diagnosing one terminal at a time.  With SmartZone you also get top-notch technical assistance & with the old board you may not even be able to get in touch with someone to help.

For under $200 you can walk away from your next zoning job hours earlier with SmartZone.