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honeywell damper

Honeywell TrueZone ARD Dampers wiring to SmartZone

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The latest form Honeywell ARD dampers is a nice looking product and works nicely with ecojay SmartZone.  Wire as shown below.  Other damper wiring at www.zoningsupply.com/blog

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PRO-Grade Power Zone Damper (Round)
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SmartZone has the simplest setup and best features of any zone control. Find out more about SmartZone and why it's the smart choice: www.zoningsupply.com/buy-smartzone/

Zoned climate control in your car… why not your home?

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dual climate control

For many years, lots of car manufacturers have been putting separate passenger/driver/rear climate controls in cars.  In such a small space, this could be seen a “silly” feature because the passenger & driver are in very close quarters.  In most homes, however, heating and air conditioning systems still tend to have only ONE climate zone (one thermostat).  Dual or multiple climate zones for a home makes much more since than in a car but is not nearly as often implemented.  With SmartZone most existing heating & air conditioning equipment can be upgraded to have multiple climate controls (thermostats) in different areas.  You could have a thermostat in the kitchen, bedroom and living room… comfort everywhere.  Additionally, with SmartZone, areas that are not being used can be turned OFF to save energy.  All the parts you need shipped for free from ZoningSupply.com Zoning experts standing by to answer any questions you have or help with system design.

multiple climate control in home smartzone

What size dampers do I need?

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Damper Size Selection

Typically in an existing install, the duct size will determine the damper sizes needed.  But if starting with a new duct system 2 variables must be known to determine damper sizes.

  • Total CFM of System

Calculate using the “whole house load” with maximum diversity.

  • Zone CMF (needed for each Zone)

 Total the rooms associated with each zone separately to get the “Zone CFM” (No diversity)

Round Damper Sizes

Round damper sizes range from 4” to 18” typically in 1” increments up to 10” and in 2” increments up to 18”.  There are two numbers that must be used when designing a zoning system with regard to all dampers.  

Ecojay smartzone damper sizes
  1. Design CFM – Used to properly size the dampers based on a maximum FPM air velocity at the register to avoid air noise and still provide enough throw to heat or cool the space.  (Typical acceptable FPM 600 to 800)

  2. Max CFM – The maximum amount of air that might move through a damper if it is the only zone open.  This assumes the pressure relief is also sized properly (see Pressure Relief below).  This will result in more air noise but must be kept at an acceptable level (no more than 900 FPM).

The chart shows the recommended round damper sizes to be uses for Design and Max CFM. 

NOTE: These are rough estimates & other duct restriction variables could affect the size damper needed.  Consult an HVAC professional if you are unsure.

BEST Spring Open Dampers Now Availble

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ZoningSupply is now offering the BEST quality Spring-Open damper available.  If you have had any experience with SPRING type dampers you already know that they have been known to have a lower reliability than SUPER-DUTY power dampers.  However, the Spring dampers that we are offering have been designed with precision and heavy-duty parts.... they are NOT the typical low-cost damper available from other companies.  If you are not sure that this is the best spring-damper you have every used, send it back and we will refund your purchase price.

  • CAPTURED SHAFT (Prevents blade "sticking")
  • 5 YEAR Replacement Guarantee

Honeywell ARD
ZoneFirst RDS
DuraZone NSPRD
Braeburn 129 ***
AprilAire AVD 66**
& MANY MORE... ANY 24VAC 2-Wire Damper can be replaced with the ECOJAY SmartZone DSUS.


Spring Zone Damper
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