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If you have a small office or commercial building that has multiple rooms & different people using these rooms, you have probably experienced that some rooms or areas can be comfortable while others are not.  Temperature can fluctuate throughout a building depending on the time of day, time of year, activity or usage.   Sophisticated and complex systems for LARGE commercial buildings use sensors placed throughout and computer-controlled equipment at adjust capacity of cooling or heating when needed.  Smaller commercial buildings, however, use basically a "residential" type thermostat control with just larger equipment than you would find on a home.  (Side note: Residential HVAC equipment up to 5 ton, "Light" Commercial HVAC equipment can be up to 20 ton as long as it uses standard 24VAC control)

In "light" commercial applications like:

  • Shared office spaces
  • Doctors offices
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Small to medium office buildings
  • Massage / Salon
  • Many more!

SmartZone can be added to give control in each different area of the office.  Occupants of different offices might simply have different comfort preferences or some rooms might have specific needs for temperature control such as an IT / computer room.  Also, rooms that are occasionally used (conference room) can be turned off when not in use to reduce HVAC equipment run time and help keep the rest of the building comfortable.

Having a thermostat for control in each room has obvious advantages in many applications, additionally, SmartZone offers an ECO-mode feature that is especially useful for commercial/business applications.  The ECO-mode feature allows the building manager to put the entire system (up to 20 zones) into "setback" either on a schedule with a timer OR with a basic switch.  You can even tie the ECO mode to most security systems so that, when it's armed, the SmartZone goes into "setback."  ECO mode will prevent thermostats from running the equipment unless ZONE 1 is running.  It can be a hassle to make sure that all your thermostats have been turned off at the end of every day, with SmartZone, you can turn them all off in one place.

199.00 299.00

Universal 4-Zone Controller

Replace almost any brand existing zone control ... use with any thermostats (even WiFi like nest and ecobee).

Control heating and cooling comfort room by room.

  • EASY INSTALLATION - no screwdriver or voltmeter required
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - drop in replacement for many models (see list in Additional Info)
  • BEST FEATURES - built in Fresh Air Control, expansion port up to 20 Zones
  • SUPPLY AIR TEMP SENSOR - included for Smart-Staging & equipment protection
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SmartZone is simple to install and setup & it can be used with virtually any equipment (Gas, Electric, Heat Pump, Fossil Fuel, Dual Fuel, Up to 2 stages cool, 3 stage heat).  Many applications call for different types thermostats and SmartZone works with all of them, giving the building owner the flexibility to purchase any thermostat that suits their needs.  WiFi thermostats are a popular option and SmartZone is the perfect match for Nest, Ecobee, LuxPro, RadioThermostat, etc.  Literally any thermostat you choose!

If you have any questions or would like DESIGN help on your zone control system, please contact us via email or phone.