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by ecojay

ECOJAY SmartZone residential & light commercial zoning controllers are easily configurable to satisfy a wide range of application. Simple installation and setup make SmartZone perfect for CHANGE-OUT, RETRO-FIT, NEW-INSTALL and UPGRADES. 


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The 2L is the simplest SmartZone ever but don't mistake simplicity for "basic" or "low-end" this is a feature-packed 2 zone with multi stage control and temp sensor.


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2X is the premium 2 zone panel and adds to all the features of the 2L:  LEDs on every terminal, full temperature display & a more granular temperature settings for staging and limit protection.


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The 4X is the top of the line zone panel with built-in fresh air control, LEDs on every terminal, expandable up to 20 zones, and much more.

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  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL EQUIPMENT TYPES: Gas, Electric, Heat Pump, Dual Fuel
  • Up to 2 Stage Cooling & 3 Stage Heating
  • Use any thermostat (24V) including ecobee, nest, Honeywell, RobertShaw, & ALL major brands
  • Use any damper (24V) spring open/close, power open/close & all major brands
  • LEDs on SmartZone show Thermostat Calls, Equipment Mode & Damper Position
  • COMPREHENSIVE DISPLAY: Supply Temp, System Status, HI & LO Limit Temps
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Dip switches & Pushbuttons allow setup in SECONDS!
  • TEMP SENSOR INCLUDED: 4" Stainless Steel Probe w/ 10 ft wire lead & quick-connect plug
ZoningSupply.com Ecojay SmartZone Zone Control

Intuitive wiring and push-button wiring terminals make SmartZone the easiest and fastest board to install.

Brightly-lit LED display shows system mode & status information as well as, temperature readout from included supply sensor.  Color-coded LED's on all wiring connectors simplify troubleshooting by showing all inputs and outputs without using a voltmeter. SmartZone maximizes equipment efficiency & protection with exclusive built-in ‘Time & temp’ staging controls.  Universal compatibility means smartzone works with all equipment types (Heat Pump, Dual Fuel, Gas, Electric, etc), thermostats & 24V dampers.  Time-saving and exclusive features like Fresh-Air, SmartLINK for up to 20 zones & push-in terminals make SmartZone the smart choice.

HVAC zone control ● Independent zone fan control ● no dual-fuel kit required ● control emergency heat from zone 1 thermostat ● optional supply temp sensor ● eco mode allows setback from just one zone ● built-in fresh air control & economizer ● Lock-out 2nd stage when only one zone calling ● adjust staging & cut-out limits to maximize comfort or efficiency ● delay fan for gas heat application ● LEDs show damper status, thermostat calls & equipment mode ● simple setup with dip switches & push buttons ● Easy to read terminals ● screwless wiring ● optional temp sensor for better staging & protection ● expandable up to 20 zones using SmartLINK communication port ● best value

SmartZone can replace many models including:

Zoning Supply hvac zone control
  • Honeywell / TrueZone / Zone-a-Trol
  • EWC / UltraZone
  • ZoneFirst / Trol-a-Temp
  • AprilAire
  • RobertShaw
  • Zonex / California Economize
  • DuroZone / Durodyne
  • MANY MORE / Contact us
ECOJAY SmartZone ZoningSupply

Easy-to-read display & simple pushbutton setup make SmartZone the most straight-forward zone control system to configure and start using.

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PRO-Grade Power Zone Damper (Round)
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TAKE-OFF Zone Damper (Round)
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- Zone Controller (SmartZone)
- Pro-Grade Round Zone Supply Dampers*
- Bypass Damper (Round Barometric)
- 40VA 24VAC Power Transformer

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SmartZone KIT

If you need the whole KIT: Dampers, Bypass, SmartZone with Temp & Transformer.  (All you need to add are the thermostats)
ZoningSupply.com has made it easy to order a whole zoning system kit with a few clicks.  Order your kit now!

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